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Vehicle monitoring has become easier and more efficient than ever. Alerts are automatically generated when license plates are recorded, without the need to find and tag them manually. Machine learning technology then accurately checks them against your databases, providing faster identification and more accurate results.

Version: 1.1.1 for Windows 8, 10, 11


The CarWatcher platform allows you to create a digital no-trespassing sign. Don't get scammed by someone without permission to be at your property. By building your denylists and allowlists, everyone is identified. While vehicles on your allowlist won't trigger unnecessary notifications, license plates that belong to your denylist won't go unnoticed.

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Smart Search

CarWatcher’s advanced search system allows you to filter your searches based on car color, make and model. You can even narrow down your search by license plate number or simply check if a vehicle was last seen at a specific date and time. One-click with CarWatcher, and we’ll show you where the car has been spotted most often.


When human eyes don't recognize a vehicle, CarWatcher can. It relies on many years of work and research in visual recognition and pattern matching, and it uses advanced learning algorithms to recognize license plates correctly. Trained on countless photos in different conditions, CarWatcher can detect license plates from a camera feed in real-time with 95-99% accuracy, even in fast traffic. It also works in low-light conditions, so it doesn't have trouble reading license plates at night.

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Easy to Use

Analyze passing cars and get valuable insights from your data. Learn about busier times, see who is passing more often than usual, and set up custom rules to extract information of interest.


CarWatcher offers easy-to-use yet powerful camera management software to track moving objects, view, export, and analyze results. Its fast snapshot speed and multi-stream CPU interference allow it to process up to 15 cameras with the Intel i5 9400.

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    Version: 1.1.1 for Windows 8, 10, 11


    Car Watcher is designed from the ground up to run on Windows, which means you can use your existing infrastructure. There's no need to buy a dedicated server, making it much more cost-efficient. Supported by a custom-trained neural network, Car Watcher is the most accurate solution available today. Plus, you don't have to worry about data security because our software is entirely local. Unlike other solutions, Car Watcher doesn't rely on external servers to keep your information safe.

    Car Watcher is built for security, privacy, and speed. We never store your data anywhere except on your local device. You can enjoy the power of data analytics without having any data leave your local network.

    Our advanced algorithms can detect more than just license plates—they can identify vehicle color, model, and direction of travel. Car Watcher processes photos of modern and older vehicles that a standard OCR solution may miss. If you want a solution that is capable of handling various real-life situations, such as blurry images or images taken from the side angle, Car Watcher is the way to go.

    Car Watcher uses Computer Vision and our proprietary ALPR module was trained on a wide variety of images in different lighting and weather conditions. This makes it capable of reading license plates whether it’s day, night, rainy, or foggy.

    Car Watcher is a standalone software. At this moment, it doesn't support any type of integration with other software.

    Car Watcher supports any type of IP camera that is connected to your local network. The process of adding a new camera is as simple as pasting the camera’s IP address.