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Parking Monitoring Systems is a computer vision-based solution for the intelligent monitoring of parking areas. It uses IP cameras for vehicle monitoring and management.


    Our AI-powered technology processes videos of parking areas in real-time:

  • Provides detailed insights about vehicle flow
  • Instantly alerts about wrongly or illegally parked vehicles
  • Offers a real-time analysis of the availability of parking spaces from any location
  • Allows implementation of dynamic pricing according to specific parking spots, time slots, days, or events.
  • Prioritizes disabled drivers when searching for available parking spots.

Benefits of Parking Automation

Computer vision technology monitors parking spots, accurately identifies parked cars, and measures the parking duration. The data is updated in real-time. With real-time parking inventory data, drivers can locate parking spots using a mobile app. The app guides drivers to an empty parking spot close to their destination.


Up to 70% cost reductions by eliminating manual logging of vehicle movement and observation.


Increase in parking revenue by effectively managing parking spaces and maximizing space per hour profit. An intelligent monitoring system allows parking lot owners to introduce tiered payment options dependent on parking space location


Surveillance and efficiency of operations. Intelligent parking monitoring enhances the safety and security of the parking area.


Reduction in traffic. Traffic flow decreases as fewer cars need to drive around in search of an available parking space.
Drivers can see all the spaces available before approaching the car park on their mobile phone screen.

Intelligent Parking Monitoring Use Cases

  • Facility management: real-time overview of parking inventory for facility management.
  • Retail sector: demographic modeling and customer flow analyses and demographic.
  • Airports, train stations: enhanced security and reduced traffic.

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